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  • ‘I passed my test with John thanks to his calm nature and entertaining lessons. He doesn’t waste time and got me doing test routes as soon as we both felt like I was ready for a test. Because of this I felt comfortable going into the test and managed to pass. His lessons weren’t just driving around and him talking about things driving related. They felt like we weren’t on a lesson at all. It felt like a normal drive and helped to take the stress of the upcoming test. Would definitely recommend to new learners who don’t feel comfortable driving or get nervous about tests.’
    Steven Gee (Passed October 2018)

  • ‘John taught me everything I needed to know regarding driving and with his help and support, I was able to pass my test in September with 0 minors. Thank you for your ongoing support John. Anyone thinking about learning to drive I would strongly consider John Flood as an instructor.’
    Adam Busby (Passed September 2018)

  • 'Passed my test with two minors. Really enjoyed my lessons. John’s vast knowledge, patience and mentorship were instrumental in developing my driving skills and confidence. He is a calm presence in the car and always offered positive encouragement, which I found particularly helpful during times when I felt anxious. He has a great sense of humour too. One of the best learning experiences I have ever had.'
    Shash (Passed June 2018)

  • ‘100% recommend John as an instructor! I passed first time and was confident going into my test, despite usually suffering from awful nerves! John has such amazing experience, meaning there's nothing he can't tell you or teach you. He is welcoming, friendly, and funny, which helps you feel comfortable in those first few scary lessons. Learn with John!’
    Zoe Palmer (Passed June 2018)

  • ‘I passed first time with only 1 minor and can't thank John enough! John is an amazing driving instructor and I would 100% recommend him to anyone! He is very reliable and so friendly, makes you feel at ease every week. Thank you John for teaching me and thank you for making me laugh every week!’
    Zoe Nicholas (Passed June 2017)

  • ‘Passed first time with 0 minors! Thanks John!’
    Matt (Passed June 2017)

  • ‘Passed first time with 1 minor - Thanks John! John is a great driving instructor - patient and very experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to others.’
    James (Passed April 2017)

  • ‘Passed my test first time. My experience with John has been great, keeps friendly and relaxed environment, focus on little details, no time-wasting and gives you the much needed confidence . Thanks John!’
    Ramakanth (Passed March 2017)

  • ‘Passed first time with one minor thanks to John. Extremely patient and doesn't spend ages talking. Instead gives us loads of time behind the wheel with masterful guidance. Would recommend to anyone who wants to pass.’
    Sam Rodgers (Passed March 2017)

  • ‘John has been more than helpful with all my lessons and is good at what he does. Passed my test today. Cheers John.’
    Luke (Passed February 2017)

  • ‘Passed with two minors with John. Out of the 3 driving instructors I've had (The AA and Bill Plant) John was the best! He makes you feel so comfortable when driving and doesn't waste your time. Thanks for everything John! X’
    Megan Bullock (Passed January 2017)

  • ‘Just passed my driving test today. I knew I made the right choice getting John to teach me on my way to pass my driving test. Super experienced instructor, the best! The best!’
    Manuel Resua (Passed November 2016)

  • ‘John I can't thank you enough for helping me to pass my test! You were patient and very good at giving me the confidence I needed to get back behind the wheel! I can't recommend you enough!!!!’
    Natalie (Passed October 2016)

  • ‘Passed my test with only 1 minor thanks to John! Would definitely recommend to any learner. Easily the best instructor around.’
    Dylan Armstrong (Passed September 2016)

  • ‘John is a great driving instructor with the ability to give you confidence behind the wheel, resulting in a quick but thorough development. Thanks again John for helping me pass with no minors.’
    Dan Goldingay (Passed June 2016)

  • ‘Passed first time using John Flood. He doesn't sit with you for ages talking about the rubbish that most of the instructors talk about! The lessons you will have with him make you feel relaxed and confident when driving.’
    Freddie (Passed May 2016)

  • ‘John has been an excellent teacher and he is the reason I passed first time! His lessons were relaxed and stress free and he kept a calm and friendly atmosphere within the car which helped give me confidence and enjoy driving. I will miss my lessons with John. However I am pleased I have now passed, thanks to him!’
    Hettie Caddy (Passed May 2016)

  • ‘Passed for the first time with 2 minors. Cheers John, much appreciated! Highly recommended for any learner!’
    Tameem Bachour (Passed May 2016)

  • ‘Passed first time today, with no faults. Amazing, all thanks to John. The examiner even complimented me on my driving.’
    Nazim (Passed April 2016)

  • ‘I passed my test today first time. I can't believe it !!... I want to thank you John for being part of such an amazing achievement in my life. I will miss the weekly banter from such a great teacher. Today was the best Christmas present anyone could ever want and it's all thanks to Santa John!! :) xxxx’
    Caroline (Passed December 2015)

  • ‘John is a fantastic driving instructor. He made every lesson enjoyable and stress free. As a result I passed my test first time and I would highly recommend him.’
    Daniela Guddemi (Passed December 2015)

  • ‘Passed today! First test taken and only two minors. Thanks for everything John!’
    Lewis Mint (Passed December 2015)

  • ‘Passed first time! John is a great instructor. He was extremely patient and always had a lesson available to suit me. He explained things really well and went into detail about how to complete manoeuvres safely.’
    Lauren (Passed November 2015)

  • ‘John was a great instructor and got me to pass first time. He gets you on the road in the first lesson and doesn't waste your time like some schools. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn!’
    Matt (Passed November 2015)

  • ‘Passed today!! John was a fantastic instructor who got me driving from the first lesson. Would recommend to anyone looking to pass quickly.’
    Alex Cleaver (Passed October 2015)

  • ‘Thank you John for everything you've done for me! Best driving instructor by far in St Albans! Makes everything seem so much easier! So happy to have passed! And it's all thanks to you!! Xxxx’
    Karina (Passed October 2015)

  • ‘Hi, passed first time with John. Enjoyed all my lessons with him and he made me feel at ease and helped me calm my nerves. Would highly recommend John and will miss my lessons with him. Thanks again John.’
    Olivia Morton (Passed August 2015)

  • ‘Passed first time. John is amazing. Very patient. I was a very nervous driving but he helped me loads! Highly recommend him!!’
    Daniella (Passed May 2015)

  • ‘Hi John, just want to say thank you so much for all your help and your banter. You made my learning experience such a fun and successful time and I am so thankful for all your hard work and support you gave me. You are such a good teacher and also such a good friend now! Thanks again John and I will recommend you to everyone who needs an instructor. BTW passed first time as well! I'll see you soon hopefully John and will be looking out for you on the road :)’
    Angelique R (Passed April 2015)

  • ‘John is a great teacher, explains everything so well. He doesn't waste time talking. We got straight down to the driving. Good guy - had a lot of laughs with him. I highly recommend him. Thanks John.’
    Ish (Passed January 2015)

  • ‘I passed first time in January. I loved every lesson I had and John made me feel calm as I was a very nervous driver. I highly recommend him if you're choosing who to learn with. He tailors every lesson to fit what you need and how you find easiest to learn. I will miss my lessons and always remember them. I can’t thank John enough. Without him I would not have passed first time! THANK YOU.’
    Charlotte Graham (Passed January 2015)

  • ‘John is a great - an excellent teacher and also great fun to be with. I passed 1st time. What more can I say!’
    Trevor Ginn (Passed January 2015)

  • ‘Thanks, John, for all your support and encouragement. I still can't believe that I have passed. You were so good at keeping me calm during the lessons and when preparing for my test. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family!’
    Amy Dorling (Passed January 2015)

  • ‘Passed within 3 months with John, who really helped to arrange lessons around my work schedule. Lessons were fun and relaxed - John is a very good teacher.’
    Mike (Passed November 2014)

  • ‘John is a great instructor and I would recommend him highly. He is even willing to share his chips!!! Thanks again John for all your help on passing first time!’
    Elaine (Passed October 2014)

  • ‘Thank you John, top class driving instructor! Would suggest to everyone, good laugh and very patient. Thanks again John.’
    Keelan Ready (Passed October 2014)

  • ‘Thanks John for all your help and for having faith in me. I passed with one minor. John is a great instructor. I would recommend him any day to anyone who is looking for a friendly and knowledgeable instructor whose main interest is to see you pass your test.’
    Amongla Standen (Passed October 2014)

  • ‘Excellent instructor. I would definitely recommend John. He gave me the confidence to pass first time.’
    Tim Oconnor (Passed September 2014)

  • ‘Thank you, John, for your great teaching. Lessons were always a laugh and your great knowledge of the driving routes helped me immensely. Would recommend to everyone. Best wishes and good luck in the future.’
    Dan Carpenter (Passed September 2014)

  • ‘Good instructor and his car is really nice and easy to drive while you're learning. Thanks for getting me through John!’
    James Grayson (Passed September 2014)

  • ‘Was suggested to me by my family who used him to pass, along with loads of family friends who did as well. Always makes lessons a laugh. Thanks, Will.’
    Will (Passed August 2014)

  • ‘John was a great instructor who kept me calm and confident in my abilities. Passed first time and would recommend him to any new drivers as both my brother and I taught by him passed first time.’
    James Childs (Passed August 2014)

  • ‘3rd time lucky!! Thank you John for being a great instructor and always having faith in me! I really enjoyed our lessons. They were fun and I always felt relaxed. I would recommend John to everyone :)’
    Helen (Passed August 2014)

  • ‘Thank you John. Such a good instructor. Would suggest you to everyone! Such a laugh, makes lessons relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks again.’
    Jamel (Passed July 2014)

  • ‘Thank you very much John. You are a great driving instructor. Passed first time around. I recommend John to anyone who wants to learn driving. All the best and thank you again!’
    Jordan (Passed July 2014)

  • ‘Great driving instructor. Cheers John.’
    Jesse Bozier (Passed June 2014)

  • ‘Passed on Friday first time. Thank you John you are a great driving instructor, made me feel very relaxed. John has you driving on your first lesson for the full hour. Would highly recommend him. Great Guy!’
    Bethany Giles (Passed May 2014)

  • ‘I just passed first time around after learning with John. I recommend him as a friendly and relaxed teacher, who nevertheless knows how to focus on all the little details and develop the skills and confidence you need in a short space of time. Cheers John!’
    Paul (Passed April 2014)

  • ‘Great driving instructor, passed first time, would recommend.’
    Jedd Dixon (Passed March 2014)

  • ‘Passed first time with just 2 minors, great instructor.’
    Dan Childs (Passed February 2014)

  • ‘Passed first time with John, always driving for the full hour, great instructor.’
    Alice (Passed January 2014)

  • ‘John has been a fantastic driving instructor, very patient and knows all there is to know to help you pass. He helped me pass with just 1 minor at the start of this year, thank you!’
    Jemma Holmes (Passed January 2014)

  • ‘Passed with two minors, great tuition, made me comfortable behind the wheel......thanks John!’
    Neil W-S (Passed November 2013)

  • ‘Passed last Tuesday with 4 minors. Great teacher and a lovely man. Thank you very much :) Would highly recommend this instructor :)’
    Jessica Carter (Passed November 2013)

  • ‘I passed in 1986 with John, and was delighted. My then boyfriend passed with him. I'd failed a test in Ireland six years before and I passed in eleven lessons with John. I'm now gonna contact him for our children's lessons which they are gonna start soon.’
    Glenda Coleman (Passed 1986)

  • ‘John Flood is a fantastic driving instructor and I could not recommend him highly enough. He knows all there is to know about how to pass your driving test! I am very grateful to have gone with John, and cannot thank him enough!’
    Elli Glover (Passed November 2013)

  • ‘Passed with 2 minors! John is a great teacher! Would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive in St. Albans! Thanks John.’
    Millie (Passed October 2013)

  • ‘Passed today with one minor! John is a great teacher and very patient. Thanks for everything!’
    Jessica Russell (Passed October 2013)

  • ‘John was a very good driving instructor and I passed first time. No messing around, I started driving straight away and John was very thorough in teaching.’
    Aaron (Passed September 2013)

  • ‘John is a quality instructor. He gets you out driving in your first lesson, he makes driving fun and a good laugh, he is patient and the only instructor I would go with. I passed first time so John must have done something right. Thanks mate and see you around... :)’
    Kyle Bayliss (Passed September 2013)

  • ‘Quality teacher. Driving straight away got me passed in 6 weeks.’
    Harry Green (Passed August 2013)

  • ‘Always made the lessons a laugh. Really great instructor to have. Never a moment where I wasn't driving. Helped me to pass first time. Massive thanks to John!’
    Lauren Leeks (Passed August 2013)

  • ‘Passed my test first time in July after having only 10 lessons with John Flood. He’s a great driving instructor who has you out on the road driving from the very first lesson. 6 out of 6 passes for July. Thanks John!!’
    Joe Tinsley (Passed July 2013)

  • ‘Awesome driving instructor and a great guy. The lessons are always a laugh and you get driving right from the start. Highly recommend John Flood as a driving instructor!’
    Henry Cole (Passed July 2013)

  • ‘Thank you so much John, passed my test first time! I would definitely recommend John to anyone and will certainly be recommending him to my friends. Thanks again :) ‘
    Chloe (Passed July 2013)

  • ‘John was a fantastic instructor. He made the lessons fun and explained everything so well if I needed it. Always a full hour, so great value for money as I would drive for 60 minutes instead of sitting around talking. Aside from that he is responsible for teaching 3 members of my family, all of whom passed their tests first time, including myself. Couldn't have asked for a more supportive learning experience!’
    Chloe (Passed June 2013)

  • ‘A driving instructor with lots of patience. Always got full hour of practice. Passed my test the first time. Highly recommended instructor!!! Many thanks.’
    Mystica (Passed June 2013)

  • ‘One word: LEGEND! Never a dull day with John. Brilliant guy as well as a fantastic teacher. Learnt to drive in no time and passed very quickly! Would recommend and have recommended him to many friends! Thanks a lot John!’
    Owain Page (Passed May 2013)

  • ‘Passed (today!!) first time with John! He gets you driving from the first lesson and instils confidence in your driving. He's got a lot of experience and it shows. Cheers for all your help, John. I really appreciate it!’
    Raiesa (Passed May 2013)

  • ‘Very helpful, always get your full hour. Helped me pass in a month and 6 days.’
    Tiger Bailey (Passed May 2013)

  • ‘Thank you for giving me confidence when driving. I got the full hour every lesson and there was no sitting around talking! A brilliant instructor and would definitely recommend! Thank you John.’
    Abbie (Passed April 2013)

  • ‘John is a great teacher who is very patient, but still allows you to do the driving from the first lesson which makes the whole experience much more effective. It took me about half a year to pass my test, starting from scratch, which I believe is down to John's experience and excellent knowledge of driving and the roads. John is an absolute legend and I have recommended him to anyone that has asked about driving, had a great laugh with him and passed quicker than expected. Couldn't be more grateful, thanks very much John!!’
    James Wilde (Passed April 2013)

  • ‘John is a really great and patient instructor. I was very nervous at first but John put me at ease straight away. Every lesson was for the full hour. There was never a minute I wasn't driving! I would recommend having John as your driving instructor to anyone looking for a reliable and funny instructor! Thanks John!’
    Emily Eley (Passed March 2013)

  • ‘John's a great instructor - calm, cool and collected - and this helps you to feel the same when you're driving with him. John's great teaching helped me to pass first time. Wooo! And in only a short amount of time. Thanks John.’
    Daniel Peinado (Passed February 2013)

  • ‘A patient and helpful driving instructor who uses the hour lessons fully, well worth the money. Helped me pass first time in a short amount of lessons. Cheers John!’
    Joel RW (Passed January 2013)

  • ‘Just passed today with 2 minors. Thank you John so much for the help! I felt at such ease during lessons. Would recommend to anybody!’
    Matt Tobin (Passed December 2012)

  • ‘John is a truly GREAT instructor!! I can't thank him enough for the confidence he has given me with driving and I definitely recommend him to any new learners. Thanks John :) ’
    Rosie Hancock (Passed December 2012)

  • ‘Thank you for helping me pass my test!! Even though I wasn't a natural you helped me keep motivated and gave me confidence!’
    Steph Wallis (Passed December 2012)

  • ‘I cannot recommend John enough to learn with. Due to crippling self-doubt I truly did not believe I would pass and certainly not first time. Thanks to John's expert tutoring I did! The difference it has made to my life is immeasurable. John provides expert teaching with patience and a GREAT sense of humour so I always looked forward to my lessons. Thanx so much John.’
    Sarahjane (Passed November 2012)

  • ‘Thank you so much John for helping me to pass my test on the first attempt. John is a wonderful instructor. His calm and relaxed approach made learning to drive as stress free as it can be! I would highly recommend John to anyone who wants to learn to drive in the St Albans area as he doesn't sit around talking about what you need to learn - he gets you straight into it. Thanks again John!’
    Sarah (Passed November 2012)

  • ‘Thanks to John's fantastic advice and wisdom, I was able to keep calm and focused during my test. I am thrilled that I passed first time! Thanks to John's brilliantly detailed and easy-going lessons, I always felt relaxed and really enjoyed myself. You created the driving experience I was hoping for, thanks John!’
    Luke Jeffery (Passed October 2012)

  • ‘I passed my test first time with John - and with only 2 minors! He was so reliable and easy going during our lessons. I always felt confident and ready to learn. He is a fantastic instructor and I'd recommend him to anyone! Thank you John!!!!!!!!’
    Roohi Bhatti (Passed October 2012)

  • ‘No. 1 Driving instructor!!! Very reliable, friendly, patient and down to earth. Very helpful on the day of my test and I passed on my first attempt. I would recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much John!!!!!!’
    Leanne Coleman (Passed October 2012)

  • 'What we learn with pleasure we never forget ... Thank you very much John for helping me to pass my driving test 1st time! You are absolutely brilliant and learning from you was a pleasure. I would strongly recommend you to anyone.’
    Ewelina M. (Passed October 2012)

  • ‘Thank you very much for my lessons John. I passed first time within 4 months of my 17th. Really enjoyed learning with you and you made driving very easy for me! I will be recommending you to my friends! Thank you!’
    Louise Taylor (Passed September 2012)

  • ‘John did a fantastic job. I passed first time with great feedback. John's relaxed and calm style helped me to relax and be confident on the day. Thanks John.’
    Ben Clark (Passed September 2012)

  • ‘Thank you John for helping me to pass my driving test first time! After a bad experience with another driving school, John soon helped me to build my confidence and experience on the roads. I would definitely recommend him!’
    Sophie (Passed September 2012)

  • ‘Passed my driving test first time today! John is an easy going character with a lot of past experience on teaching you to drive. He is easy to get on with and a great instructor. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving. Thanks again John!!’
    Freddy (Passed September 2012)

  • ‘John Flood is a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend him for any nervous adult first-time learners out there. He has a real knack for helping you build up your confidence as a driver and taking things at whatever pace is right for you. I was absolutely delighted to pass at my first attempt - many thanks, John!’
    Caroline Brooke (Passed August 2012)

  • ‘I would like to thank John for helping me pass in 28 days and 7 lessons! That was my goal and he did everything he could to assist me. I highly recommend John to anyone. He is an excellent teacher with an easy going personality.’
    Theo Spyrides (Passed July 2012)

  • ‘John Flood, firstly thank you! You were amazing! John was fantastic. He never put you under any pressure and was always offering encouragement even when I thought that parallel parking was impossible. In just over one month I passed my driving test with John, and having friends that started learning in September and that are still learning I am so glad that I chose John. He was supportive and fantastic. He never criticised and he helped me to pass so quickly! There is no better feeling than when you have passed your driving test first time! I would thoroughly recommend John Flood - he was fantastic! Thank you John!’
    Brad Glover (Passed May 2012)

  • ‘First time I ever faced a challenge like this. I did it from my first time. I highly recommend those who are looking forward to having perfect lessons to choose John Flood. Best and best in St Albans. Thanks John!’
    Anton (Passed May 2012)

  • ‘Huge thanks to John for helping me to pass first time this week! The feeling I got once I was handed the driving certificate is down to John and his easy-going fun attitude and his fantastic teaching throughout the 5 month period. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a chilled yet reliable driving instructor! Cheers John!’
    Rob Goddard (Passed April 2012)

  • ‘I would highly recommend John Flood as a driving instructor. Not only did he teach me well but he taught my sister and my mum and we all passed first time! He has a down to earth approach and his expert knowledge makes him the best driving instructor around!’
    Macie McCormack (Passed March 2012)

  • ‘Passed first time. John is a good driving instructor. He's friendly, flexible and enthusiastic about his work. Would recommend to anybody.’
    Aran (Passed March 2012)

  • ‘Thank you John for helping me to pass my driving test first time! John has been a great instructor and has given me lots of confidence when driving. I would recommend John to anyone!’
    Ella Champken (Passed March 2012)

  • ‘Thank you very much John for helping me to pass my driving test so quickly and 1st time! John is a great instructor and gave me all the confidence I needed to drive. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the St Albans area. Thank you so much!’
    Ellie Giles (Passed February 2012)

  • ‘No sitting around chatting, very easy-going and a great teacher. Passed 1st time.’
    George (Passed February 2012)

  • ‘Thank you so much John for helping me to pass my driving test so quickly! John has been a great instructor and has given me lots of confidence when I'm driving. I would recommend John to anyone. Thank you so much!’
    Lorna (Passed February 2012)

  • ‘Thank you for helping me pass 1st time. You were a big help and we always had a laugh. You really made it easy for me and I prefer that you got me driving straight away instead of talk at me as it's much better. Thank you very much. I definitely recommend people to use John as a driving instructor!’
    Colby Messer (Passed February 2012)

  • ‘Passed my test today! I would recommend having lessons with John as he puts you at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test first time! Thank you for all your help!’
    Jack Kempton (Passed January 2012)

  • ‘Cheers John for being an excellent driving instructor and helping me pass so quickly! Happy to have made it 6/6 in a month to pass first time. I would recommend John to anyone. He doesn't sit around talking - he gets straight into it and encourages you to feel confident!’
    Connor (Passed December 2011)

  • ‘I enjoyed my lessons with John. He makes sure that you get the full hour for driving, making it worth your money! I would recommend him, if you want a driving instructor with experience and good humour.’
    Fiona (Passed December 2011)

  • ‘Thank you to John, who helped me to pass my driving test! He is a great teacher, puts you at ease and is very patient! I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive in the St Albans area.’
    Scarlett (Passed November 2011)

  • ‘Thanks John, I'm glad I can count myself a member of your "passed the first time" club! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive. I really enjoyed the lessons and I knew I was getting the training I needed. You're the best!’
    Ellen Shlasko (Passed November 2011)

  • ‘From the very first lesson, John let me learn to drive at my own pace, rather than following some set programme. He was very flexible and made me feel confident. He has lots of local experience and always gave me good advice and support. Thank you, John, for helping me pass first time!’
    Ellie (Passed October 2011)

  • ‘John is a great teacher. Very relaxed and puts confidence in his pupils which is the most important part of driving. Easy going, very personable and easy to have a conversation with. He is also very flexible and makes sure you know all the ins and outs of learning to drive. The best instructor in the area.’
    Jack (Passed August 2011)

  • 'John doesn't waste time sitting around talking, and wasting your time when on a driving lesson. He is considerate and very understanding when it comes to what you need to work on. Couldn't have wished for a better driving instructor.'
    Dez (Passed May 2011)

  • 'John was a great teacher. He takes a no-nonsense approach to instructing and was obviously able to 'steer' me in the right direction, as I passed first time! I heard about John through several people as he seems to have taught most of St Albans and now I, like them, would highly recommend him to anyone considering the 'L' plates!'
    Charlotte (Passed April 2011)

  • 'Hello!! I am over the moon!! Just passed my driving test. Massive thank you to John. You always made me relax during my lessons, and had patience when I couldn't remember how to do a parallel park!!'
    Sarah Dickinson (Passed April 2011)

  • 'John put me at ease straightaway and made my lessons fun. With his help I quickly gained confidence and as proof of this I passed my test first time. I would happily recommend John to anyone learning to drive.'
    Max Parsons (Passed March 2011)

  • 'Passed FIRST TIME with John, a great teacher and a friend. Felt relaxed, calm and confident on the roads and enjoyed all my lessons with him and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn. Supportive, laid back and welcoming.' Thanks John!!!'
    Martin Gregory (Passed March 2011)

  • 'Just passed my test first time with John, took around 4 and a half months but this was because of the snow and ice. No mucking about talking like other driving schools my friends have used like the AA. (My friend was made to have 50 hours of driving before test). I had 21 hours of lessons and in my test only got 3 minors. All round great, never made me feel nervous and would definitely recommend!'
    Sam Wallis (Passed January 2011)

  • 'Just passed first time with one minor. I was nervous at first but John was always patient and easy to get along with. I always looked forward to my lessons as I knew we'd have a laugh as well as improving my driving.'
    Sophie Wallis (Passed July 2010)

  • 'John is a fantastic driving instructor!! I started with no experience and was really nervous but John made me feel comfortable and helped me to become a confident driver. He made driving lessons fun :) I have and always will recommend John to anyone wanting to learn to drive!'
    Aimee Jennings (Passed June 2010)

  • 'WOOO john ur the best :) you put up with me for nearly a whole year will miss you :( thankyou for helping me pass ... i am so happy x x'
    Emma (Passed May 2010)

  • 'Had an enjoyable, relaxed and safe learning experience. Received all the help I required and passed my practical test first time. Would recommend to anyone, regardless of age or driving experience. Thanks John!'
    Nick Brown (Passed April 2010)

  • 'Thank you for your expert tuition, I was really pleased to pass first time.'
    Michael (Passed April 2010)

  • ‘Friendly, patient, approachable and easy to get on with – and that’s just the car. :) Always felt I could ask for help or assistance in any area I was having trouble with, very helpful on the day of the test and I passed at my first attempt so I’m grateful for all the help. Thank you.'
    Jamie Thomson (Passed December 2009)

  • 'John is a truly excellent driving instructor!!! I had three instructors before John and I can safely say that John is head and shoulders above the rest. He is calm, caring and very funny! I passed first time with one minor after having been a very nervous driver! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn fast and have a fun time doing it.'
    Steph Sweeny (Passed December 2009)

  • 'Just passed my test with John and I couldn't have asked for a nicer or more patient instructor. He was great with me from day 1 and he is a very down to earth guy who you can ask questions to, chat to and banter with. He's a very experienced instructor who knows all the test routes and his Polo is a nice car to drive in. Really recommend him.'
    Adam Jones (Passed October 2009)

  • 'I was very lucky to have an instructor like John and I passed first time. Thanks John.'
    Josh Cusdin (Passed September 2009)

  • 'The best instructor I could possibly have chosen! Very reliable and most of all laid back and easy to get along with!'
    Rebecca (Passed September 2009)

  • 'No.1 DRIVING INSTRUCTOR IN THE WORLD! If you are looking to pass, call him up - reliable and very friendly. Thanks a lot mate for helping me pass.'
    Emilio (Passed September 2009)

  • 'I passed my test today second time with 1 minor and I thought I would just take a couple of minutes to tell future John Flood pupils just how good a driving instructor he is. I was very nervous when I first started my driving lessons and I chose to learn with John because one of my friends had and advised that he was good! I had around 30 hours with him and it was not because he was trying to rip me off. It's just I was a very nervous and unconfident driver therefore needed that little bit of extra experience. He is a very patient instructor and makes you feel very comfortable because he is always chatting to you and very friendly! I would recommend him over any nationwide driving school to anyone!! I will not miss the cost of learning to drive (even though John is cheaper than most!) but I will miss the laugh of my driving lessons!! Many thanks John :) '
    Kelly Seaman (Passed August 2009)